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Articles By Eileen Griffin-Ray

American Greatness

Civil Unrest and Law Enforcement

Chicago Lawmakers Urge Emergency Declaration, National Guard Call-Up › American Greatness (

Awful Economic, Social Costs Expected from Seattle’s Police Funding Cuts › American Greatness (


Government Schools Are Teaching Hate, Causing Violence (co-authored with S.T. Karnick)

Government Schools Are Teaching Hate, Causing Violence › American Greatness (


Heartland Daily News

Economics and Finance

Government Pushing U.S. Economy Toward the Tipping Point (

U.S. Fiscal Policy Out of Control: Interview (

Supply Chain Problems Expected to Continue Through Christmas (

Report: ESG Funds Are Riskier Than Others (

SEC Considering ESG Disclosure Mandates for Advisory Firms (

Corporate Leaders’ Leftist Activism Risks Alienating Workers, Customers, Cutting Profits (

Texas Rejects ESG Investing As Movement Grows (

Biden’s Budget Proposal Includes Major Expansion of IRS (

Proposed Washington State Budget Focuses on Race, Global Climate, While Job Losses Mount (

Illinois Losing More Residents as State Piles on Tax Increases (

Newsom Proposes Big California Budget with ‘Stimulus’ Payments (

Entrepreneurs Proving Key Factor in Economic Recovery (

California Fiscal Trouble Is Chasing People Away – Heartland Daily News

New York City, Other Big Cities Losing Businesses, Residents (

Montana Governor Candidates Agree: No State Sales Tax (

Government Property Seizure Stymies Texas Small-Business Owner (

Colorado Conservatives Prevail in Tax Hike Battle (

Civil Unrest, Crime and Law Enforcement

Chicago Transit Workers Protest City’s Rising Violence (

Cities Reverse Course, Begin Increasing Police Budgets (

Virginia Students Protest School District’s Sexual Assault Inaction, Cover-Up (

Violent Crime Surged in 2020, FBI Reports (

Crime-Ridden Cities Plan to Restore Police Funding (

Crime Skyrockets in Major Cities as District Attorneys Cut Prosecutions, Release Convicts (

Chicago Crime Statistics: Shootings and Murders Up, Prosecutions Down (

Portland Mayor Proposes Partly Re-Funding Police to Combat Crime Wave (

Violent Crime Increases Rapidly in Atlanta As Police Leave (

Washington Legislature Considers Further Limits on Police (

Illinois Governor Signs ‘Anti-Police’ Criminal Justice Reform Bill (

Minneapolis Backtracks on Defunding Police (

Antifa-Affiliated Activists Occupy Olympia, Washington Hotel (

Antifa Riots Spark After Biden Inauguration – Heartland Daily News

Portland Mayor Admits Police Defunding Failed, in Wake of New Year’s Eve Riots (

Marxist BLM Founders’ Strategy: Undermine Family, Rule of Law (

Right Wing Groups Ramp up Response to COVID Restrictions, Riots (

Portland Violence Hits Minorities Hard (

Civil Disturbances, Violent Clashes Flare Up in Cities Around the Country (

Crime Surge Continues in Cities Cutting Police Protection (

Portland Mob Claims Autonomous Zone, Attacks Residents, Police (

Retired Firefighter Falls Victim to Chicago’s Record-Breaking Murder Rate (

Seattle City Council Slashes 2021 Police Budget As Crime Rate Rises (

Killings of Police Officers Rise While Defunding Movement Continues (

College Prez Bails out Student Rioters Amid Nationwide Election Protests, Riots, and Vandalism (

Authorities Prepare for Possible Post-Election Political Violence (

Restoration of Order Stalled As Cities’ Policies Lead to Killings, Other Lawlessness (

Florida Governor Proposes Legislation to Prevent Rioting, Looting (

Mobs Reach Outer Neighborhoods Without Police – Heartland Daily News

Increase in Ambush-Style Attacks on Police – Heartland Daily News

Police Leave Big Cities in Record Numbers As Attacks Increase (

Rochester Police Chief Resigns in Wake of Riots (

FBI Assigns More Agents to Portland While City Council Cuts Police Funding (

Chicago Lawmakers Urge Emergency Declaration, National Guard Call-Up (

Education and Parents Rights

Richland, Washington School Board Rejects Critical Race Theory (

Lawsuit by Parents Labelled as ‘Threats’ Dismissed (

Maine Parent Wins Fight over X-Rated Materials in School Libraries (

Massachusetts Coach Takes on CRT and Wins (

Indiana Parents Take Action to Stop Educational Indoctrination (

Parents Battle for Children’s Custody in Transgender Disputes (

Immigrants Warn Americans of Encroaching Authoritarianism (

End DEI on College Campuses, Scholars Association Declares (

States Respond to Parents’ Demand for Transparency and Empowerment (

School Board Members in Oregon Face Recall for Supporting Ban on Political Symbols in the Classroom (

Griffin: Some Schools Value Race over Merit (

Coalition Proposes Parents, Public Control Taxpayer-Funded Education (

School Board Recall Efforts Expand As Schools Undermine American Holidays (

Reports: Parents Want Authority Over K-12 Curriculum Choices, But Teachers Evade Oversight (

Parents, Taxpayers Press for Reforms of Politicized Curricula (

Florida Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools (

Critical Race Theory Mandated in Washington State Public Schools (

Girls Lose Sports Opportunities Under Biden Order (


School Board Races Bring Conservatives to Power in Michigan (

House Republicans Plan to Offer Parents’ Bill of Rights (

Republicans Dominate Texas State Board of Education (

Conservatives Win Florida School Board Races (

Governor Makes Education an Issue in Iowa GOP Primaries (

Richland, Washington School Board Members Face Recall Petition (

School Board Members Face Recall for Vote to Make Masks Optional (

Lawmakers Call on Biden to Address Food Shortages (

Biden Administration Labels Involved Parents As Domestic Terrorists (

Psaki Discloses Biden Administration Social Media Monitoring, Right Reacts (

GOP Leaders Reject Critical Race Theory in Military Training (

Leftists, Big Businesses Cooperated to Swing 2020 Presidential Election, Report States (

Response to Surge of Lawlessness Shows Big Divide Between Democrats, Republicans (

Oregon Residents Weary of Riots, Disapprove of Political Leadership, Poll Finds (

Law and Justice

Philadelphia’s Progressive District Attorney Could Face Impeachment (

L.A. District Attorney George Gascón Expands Restorative Justice Polices—Faces Second Recall (

FBI Deployed to Defend Radical School Boards, Report Confirms (

Supreme Court to Tackle Religious Liberty Cases (

San Francisco District Attorney Faces Recall As Crime Rates Continue Rising (

Philadelphia District Attorney Challenged by Victim Groups (

Baltimore D.A. Stops Prosecuting ‘Low-Level’ Crimes (

L.A. District Attorney to Disband Critical Gang Unit (

Los Angeles D.A. Faces Recall After Unilateral Policy Changes (

Biden Under Pressure to Implement BREATHE Act to Abolish Federal Prisons (

Mob Attacks MAGA Marchers – Heartland Daily News

Agriculture and Energy

Washington Gov. Inslee Advances Green Agenda Despite Public Protests (

Farmers Struggle with Inflation, Government Regulations (

U.S. Food Price Hikes, Shortages Expand, Economists Expect Problems to Worsen (